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Effect of the Wave Resonance in the Gap on the Hydrodynamics Characteristics of a WEC Device

Author(s): Jing Geng; Yang Zhang; Xuanlie Zhao; Lars Johanning; Mingwei Li

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Keywords: Comb-type breakwater; Capture width ratio; Wave resonance; Analytical method

Abstract: The Comb-Type Breakwater-WEC (Wave Energy Converter) system is characterized by a gap between the device and the flange. In this paper, an analytical model based on the linear potential flow theory is built to investigate the effect of the wave resonance in the gap on the hydrodynamics characteristics of a WEC device. The Galerkin approximation method is used to solve the singularity in the velocity near the tip of the flange. The analytical model is validated with the published results. Results show that wave resonances (including piston and sloshing mode) modify the hydrodynamic performance of the system significantly. It mainly reflected in that an increase in the capture width ratio of the device accompanies the occurrence of the piston mode response. When the sloshing mode resonance occurs, the device is located at the antinode of superposition of the incident and reflected waves from the flange, which can improve the efficiency of the device.


Year: 2020

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