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Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Sea Level Rise on Sediment Deposittion in the Yellow River Estuary

Author(s): Guo Chuansheng; Wang Chonghao; Tang Liqun; Wang Yuhai; Zhao Huiming

Linked Author(s): Chonghao Wang

Keywords: Suspended sediment transport; Numerical model; Level rise; Yellow river estuary; Sediment deposition

Abstract: To explore the influence of sea level rise on sediment deposition in the Yellow River Estuary, this article has simulated the change of flow velocity in Yellow River Channel in different situations of sea level rise with FVCOM and calculated the threshold motion velocity of sediment in main channel. The results show that as sea level rise, average velocities in the Yellow River Estuary increase. Average velocity increase by 12.66% at observation of C4. During the period of sea level rising, the suspended sediment diffusion played a significant role in the sediment transport. The largest turbidity zone in the north of Laizhou Bay moved eastward. In the nearshore zone, the suspended sediment increase in observation sites of C1, C2 and C3 with different situations of sea level rise.


Year: 2020

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