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Research on the Properties and Microstructure of Green Recycled Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (GRLAC) in Marine Engineering Structural Material

Author(s): Chang-Chi Hung; Hong-Chung Chen; Chien-Chih Wang; Her-Yung Wang; *

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Keywords: Rubber particles; Furnace slag; Engineering properties; Green recycled lightweight aggregate concrete (grlac); Marine engineering

Abstract: Taiwan is located in the subtropics and is surrounded by the sea. Coastal structures are prone to corrosion due to the intrusion of marine salt. The development of marine engineering structural materials in Taiwan should be the direction of vigorous development. This study applies industrial by-products to marine engineering structural materials Inquiry. This study was based on green materials applied to lightweight concrete. Waste rubber particles from tires and waste LCD glass sand passed through a #30 sieve were used to replace part of the fine aggregate in amounts of 0%, 5% and 10% with W/B=0.4, after curing for 7,28 and 56 days for compressive strength, ultrasonic pulse velocity and micro-interface analysis. The results showed that a lightweight concrete specimen with replacement amount of 5% waste LCD glass sand had high flowing ability and the higher compressive strength, which after 28 days, reached 46 MPa; the wave velocity of normal concrete is higher than that of GRLAC. The weight loss of GRLAC is greater than that of normal concrete, Loss on Ignition display 28 days curing period of weight loss the greatest change, because more complete hydration, hydration products inside and gel more. X-ray powder diffraction analysis (XRD) at about 15 °~ 20 ° between can be found in Ca (OH) 2 wave front, the reaction of pozzolanic may be displayed by content degree. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) observation that, microstructure observation of the green lightweight aggregate and mortar are dandified compared to normal concrete. A variety of green recycled lightweight aggregate concrete, can not only be used effectively in recycling of waste resources but can also be part of the sustainable cycle of development.


Year: 2020

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