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Evaluation of the Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity of Alkali-Activated Slag Paste

Author(s): Chien-Chih Wang; Her-Yung Wang; Chang-Chi Hung; *

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Keywords: Paste; Slag; Alkali-activated; Ultrasonic pulse velocity; Prediction model

Abstract: Coastal structures are prone to corrosion due to the intrusion of marine salt. Taiwan is located in the subtropics and is surrounded by the sea. For sustainable development, the development of environmentally friendly and economical material is worth encouraging. This study used different liquid-solid ratios and alkaline solutions as well as slag to produce pastes. Three liquid-solid ratios (L/S of 0.50,0. 55 and 0.60) and three alkali agent contents (N of 0.5%, 0.75% and 1.0%) are used in mixed proportions. The ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) are tested at the ages of 3,7 and 28 days. The results show that the UPV increase with increasing alkali agent content and with age but decrease as the liquid-solid ratio increases. The UPVs for various alkali agent contents increase by 1.52-12.10 and 1.06-1.84 times, respectively, during aging from day 3 to day 28. Besides, the prediction models of the UPV of alkali-activated slag paste with alkali agent content are deduced in this study. According to the comparisons between the predicted values and the test results, the MAPE values of UPV are only 0.023-0.050%, respectively. Thus, the proposed analysis models achieve satisfactory forecasting accuracy for the UPV of alkali-activated slag pastes.


Year: 2020

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