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Coupling Simulation of Waves and Storm Surges in a Wave-Current Flume

Author(s): Pan Junning; Chen Maowen; Sun Tianting; Wang Dengting; Sun Zhongbin

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Keywords: Storm surges; Waves; Coupling simulation; Wave overtopping

Abstract: The coupling simulation technology of waves and storm surges is introduced, which can provide a new physical modelling method for wave-storm surge co-action on seawalls and disaster evaluation in coastal areas. In order to simulate the combined effect of storm surges and waves, the wave flume was modified to simulate water level change by installing a tide generator. The wave and storm surge processes were discretized into many time segments, and wave parameters of each time segment were calibrated at the corresponding water level. W ith wave-maker and tide generator controlled simultaneously, the dynam ic coupling simulation of waves and storm surges was realized by simulating wave and water level variation process synchronously and continuously. In an application example, the storm surge and wave process of Typhoon W innie was simulated in the wave flume, and the measured data of water level, wave parameters and wave spectra in the model test were compared with the target values. It is shown that the simulation results of this coupling simulation method are of relatively high accuracy. The wave overtopping of a typical seawall section in Beilun area under the dynam ic coupling simulation and the fixed water level were measured and compared.


Year: 2020

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