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Wave Overtopping at Seawalls with Bullnose

Author(s): Tang Xuan Tho; Le Hai Trung; Dang Thi Linh; Nguyen Truong Duy; Tran Thanh Tung

Linked Author(s): Thanh Tung Tran

Keywords: Bullnose; Overtopping; Seawall; Wave flume

Abstract: For years, seawalls have protectedan increasing number of towns and tourism areas stretching along the coast of Viet Nam. During storm surges or even high tides, wave overtopping and splash-up would often threaten the safety of infrastructures, traffic and residents behind the seawalls. Therefore, the paper studies the wave-wall interactions using hydraulic small scale model tests. We conducted experiments on model seawalls with different faces and bullnoses. The obtained data shows that bullnoses help to considerably reduce wave overtopping discharg. Therefore, the magnitude of these decreasing effects is quantitatively ascertained.


Year: 2020

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