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Numerical Simulation of Force and Deformation of a SPM Deep-Water Aquaculture Cage

Author(s): Xiaohua Huang; Liuyang Sui; Haiyang Liu

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Keywords: Single point mooring; Deep-water net cage; Floating collar; Force and deformation; Finite element simulation

Abstract: Based on the finite element method, a numerical model of a deep-water cage system with single-point mooring (SPM) is established. The whole cage system is modeled by a combination of line elements, three and six degree of freedom buoys. To verify the accuracy of the numerical model, we have conducted a series of physical model tests for the SPM cage in pure waves and wave-current combined conditions, in which the model scale is set as 1:15. We calculate the mooring force, heave and pitch of the cage collar and compare it with the experimental results, in which the relative error is within 10%. Afterwards, based on the numerical model, the force and deformation of the prototype SPM cage under various sea conditions of combined waves and current are simulated and analyzed, Furthermore, we consider three kinds of wall thickness of floating pipe (23.5,29.4 or 36.4mm) and three kinds of mooring line length (60,90 or 120 m), and discuss the effects of them on the mooring force and collar deformation of the cage system. The results of this study provide theoretical basis and data support for optim izing design of cage collar and mooring system.


Year: 2020

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