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Development of Coupling Program and Dynamic Response of Articulated Offshore Wind Turbine

Author(s): Zhang Pei; Tang Yougang; Yang Shugeng; Li Yan

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Keywords: Rticulated offshore wind turbine; Dynam ic response; The time domain; Turbulent wind; Resonance

Abstract: A new-type articulated offshore wind turbine (AOWT) is proposed for the water depth of 50 m, and an analytical model for the swing motion of AOWT was established. Through adopting the aerodynam ichydrodynam ic coupling analysis method and program ing MATLAB code, the dynam ic response of the structure under the action of different environmental loads such as wind, wave and flow was analyzed. Besides, the influence of the steady and turbulent wind models on the overall movement and load response of the structure was conducted. The results show that AOWT has great movement and load performance under the rated wind condition, the structure design meets the requirements of safe operation. Compared with the steady wind, the amplitude changes greatly under the action of the turbulent wind, but the mean value significantly decreases, and a large coupling resonance is induced in the low frequency range.


Year: 2020

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