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Two-Layered Liquid Sloshing in a Rectangular Tank Under Vertical Excitation

Author(s): Dongming Liu; Pengzhi Lin; Dongyi Yan; Jijian Lian

Linked Author(s): Jijian Lian, Pengzhi Lin

Keywords: Parametric sloshing; Faraday waves; Two-layered sloshing; Rayleigh-taylor instability; Resonance

Abstract: An in-house numerical model called NEWTANK, which solves filtered NSEs on a non-inertial coordinate for external excitations, has been developed to study two-layered parametric sloshing under vertical oscillation. The two-step projection method is adopted in numerical solutions, and the Poisson equation for pressure field is solved by Bi-CGSTAB technique. A multi-layered volume-of-fluid (ML-VOF) method is introduced to track the interface between layered liquids and the free surface at the same time. In order to validate the accuracy of the model, experiment of layered parametric sloshing has been conducted to excite the resonance of the upper layer liquid. The simulated results for both layers favorably match those from experiments. The validated model will used to study energy transfer among modes and layers.


Year: 2020

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