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the Contact Measurement Method of Motion Response for a Constrained Floating Object Under Wave Action

Author(s): Tengxiao Wang; Heng Jin; Ruiyin Song

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Keywords: Contact measurement; Restraint device; Motion response; Floating object

Abstract: The motion of the floating object is an important indicator in the ocean hydrodynam ic experiment. And a reduced-dimensional motion system is usually easier to capture and study. In this study, a simple restraint device was proposed to constrain the six-degree-of-freedom motion of the floating object in a two-dimensional plane. A contact measurement method based on two rope displacement sensors and one inclination sensor was used to measure the motion response of the floating object. The experimental validation of the present restraint device and the corresponding measurement demonstrated the feasibility and accuracy of the restraintmeasurement system. The above system may be helpful to the experimental investigation of the motion response of the floating objects in the hydrodynam ic test.


Year: 2020

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