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Preliminary Study on Tidal Defense Engineering of the Diaokou River

Author(s): Xiongbo Chen; Li Zhang; Shentang Dou

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Keywords: Diaokou river; Tide gate; Backwater dike along river; Operation mode of course; Tidal defense engineering

Abstract: The Diaokou River resumed running from 1964 to 1976. Now, it serves as the standby entrance course for the Yellow River, and it has a very small entrance flow rate. In the Comprehensive Control Planning for the Yellow River Estuary, a full-open scheme is used for the tidal defense engineering of the Diaokou River. That is to say, new tide embankments are not built within a certain range in front of the entrance, and the reserved width of entrance is consistent with the entrance width of Qingshuigou Course in principle. However, with the socio-economic development, most production facilities need to be protected within the tide embankment, to reduce the loss caused by storm tide disaster, and to effectively protect the life and property safety of the nation and its people. As the Qingshuigou Course can run for more than 50 years and considering that the area downstream of the branch point when the Diaokou River is running is within the tail wandering range, the space for estuary erosion shall be reserved to reduce the river length and mitigate the feedback influence on the lower reaches of the Yellow River. According to the combined utilization and study results of the Qingshuigou and the Diaokou River, the maximum discharge of the Diaokou River can be controlled at 30 m3/s. Therefore, estuary and course tide gates are built in the existing main river channel (i.e. the Sihe River), which is outside the Delta National Nature Reserve and to the south of the Zhuangcheng Highway. The tide gates are smoothly connected to the backwater dike along river. The gates have a water release capacity matched with their discharge. The gates extend to the Diaokou Wharf to the west and the tide embankment end of oil recovery team II of No. 5 pile to the east. The gates, together with the entrance road, production road and tide dam built for the oil filed, form a tide-prevention engineering system that can withstand 50-year storm tide disaster. At ordinary times, the system can delivery water, sands and nutritional ingredients to the places near the entrance, facilitating both utilization of water resource and protection of delta ecological environment.


Year: 2020

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