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Preliminary Study on the Utilization and High-Quality Development of Tidal Flat Resources in the Yellow River Estuary

Author(s): Li Zhang; Juan Jing; Yuanlu Yun; Jiwei Li; Yanming Peng

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Keywords: Yellow river estuary; Utilization of tidal flat resources; High-quality development

Abstract: The Yellow River Estuary is an important ecologically sensitive area and ecological protection area, and the tidal flats in the estuary are an important natural resource. The regulation of the Yellow River Estuary is of prominent strategic importance in the overall ecological protection and high-quality development of the river basin. Based on the analysis of the current situation of tidal flat resources in the estuary, this paper discusses the ways to utilize the tidal flat resources and proposes to divide function zones of the tidal flats, to realize rational utilization, scientific protection and effective management of the coastal tidal flat resources in the estuary and promote sustainable socio-economic development of the region and coordinated development of the economic society, resources and the environment.


Year: 2020

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