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A global problem: trends in nutrient loadings of lakes with climate change and increasing human developments

Author(s): Clelia Luisa Marti

Linked Author(s): Clelia Luisa Marti

Keywords: nutrient load; ecosystems; algal blooms; global warming; Clelia Luisa Marti; climate change; Lake Constance; eutrophication

Abstract: Lake ecosystems are resources providing many valuable services. Some (like food, drinking water, energy production, flood damage reduction, navigation, recreation and tourism) are directly valued by the human population while others (such as aquatic wildlife habitat, biodiversity hotspots, conservation of endangered species) have positive environmental impacts that benefit us indirectly1. The ecosystem benefits provided by lakes are variable, depending on their underlying ecology and on their location, because lakes are intimately connected with their surrounding landscape and human communities.


Year: 2021

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