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Lake Iseo: a paradigmatic case

Author(s): Marco Pilotti; Giulia Valerio

Linked Author(s): Marco Pilotti

Keywords: Hydrolink; Deep lakes; Lake Iseo; eutrophicaton; global warming; Lake Iseo; hydrodynamics; climate change; lakes; Marco Pilotti; Giulia Valerio; Lake Diagnostic System (LDS); limnology; hydropower

Abstract: Lake Iseo is a deep Italian lake located in the prealpine area of east-central Lombardy which well represents the features and dynamics of other large lakes located south of the Alps. With a surface area of 60.9 km2 and a maximum depth of 256 m, it is characterized by steep banks and a large island that separates its central part from an eastern 100 m deep channel (see Figure 1). The lake drains a wide, strongly inhabited, 1,800 km2 mountain catchment, also sharing the largest Italian glacier.


Year: 2021

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