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Achieving Water Supply and Ecosystem Recovery Goals in an Uncertain Future

Author(s): Peter Goodwin

Linked Author(s): Peter Goodwin

Keywords: Water supply reliability; Environmental health; Climate change; Ecosystem recovery; California water issues; Delta plan


In his presentation, Peter Goodwin, President of University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, focused on the scarcity of water and the unpredictability of this precious resource in terms of timing, quantity and quality, complex dynamic water management systems and why it is often very difficult to identify tipping points before we are close to, or past, the limit, the need for policy makers and managers to make decisions in the face of uncertainty, and deal with the challenges of scale in the context of spatial, temporal and economic scales. These concepts will be explored in the context of some lessons learned from large ecosystems recovery programmes that have been implemented over the past three decades in the USA.


Year: 2021

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