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Transient Analysis of Air Cavity Advancing in Drainage Pipelines

Author(s): Fei Li; Huan-Feng Duan

Linked Author(s): HF Duan

Keywords: Drainage pipeline; Storm-water; Transient air-water flow; Air cavity; Numerical modeling

Abstract: During intensive storm-water drainage process, the air in the original stable and partially filled drainage pipes is easily trapped and pressurized along the pipeline. This transient interaction and evolution process between different phases tends to be highly complicated in the pipeline system, which is involved with drastic topology changes and pressure oscillations due to the relatively large density and viscosity differences of the air and water phases. This paper aims to understand this phenomenon by theoretical analysis as well as 1D and 2D numerical modeling, which considers different dimensions and phases. Besides, the key influence parameters of the initial and boundary conditions are investigated systematicallybased on the 1D and 2D numerical simulations to better understand the transient air-water interaction, and the variation of the propagation speed and pressure oscillation of the air cavity are discussed to evaluate the importance and influence of different conditions. The results and findings of this paper may provide implications to the better understanding and modelling oftransient air-water flowsin storm-water drainage pipeline systems.


Year: 2016

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