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New Concept of Potential Woody Debris Generation in Heavy Rain Events and Assessment of the Risk for Bridge Hazard

Author(s): Shinichiro Yano; Shota Tsuchihashi; Shunta Dozono; Kiyonobu Kasama

Linked Author(s): Shinichiro Yano

Keywords: Potential woody debris generation; Floods; Bridge hazard

Abstract: In this research, we attempted to propose a new concept of “the potential woody debris generation” from a given watershed area. In particular, it was applied to the Kagetsu River watershed area, Japan. First of all, dataset for all bridges and forests was collected from the local governments. Also, forest type map was produced by GIS and forest types were classified into five types. Next, we estimated the possible maximum woody debris generation from the dataset. And the accumulation risk at all bridges was evaluated along the Kagetsu River using a ratio of an estimated length of driftwood and the minimum span of bridge piers as a parameter. As a result of this study, the followings are clarified: 1) The potential woody debris generation in the overall Kagetsu River was an estimated 5263.6m 3; and 2) The risk assessment can express the actual trend of the woody debris risk in the past flood.


Year: 2016

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