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Application of Numerical Modelling Methods for the Improvement of Storm Water Drainage System

Author(s): R. W. C. N. Rajapaksha; D. P. C. Laknath; P. P. Ghnanapala; V. Dharmadasa; K. Raveenthiran; A. Packiyarajah

Linked Author(s): D.P.C. Laknath

Keywords: Strom water drainage system; Rational formula; MIKE11 NAME&HD; Flood control

Abstract: Kallady area is vulnerable for cyclones as well as flooding as it is located within the wind-loading zone in Sri Lanka. Hence, implementation of proper storm water drainage system is important to better protect properties from the impacts of flooding during heavy rainfall events. Accordingly, the main objective of this study is to prepare a storm water drainage system to mitigate flooding in Kallady area. To accomplish research objective, detailed topographic survey, hydrological study and hydraulic designs were carried out. Calculated peak runoff values using Rational Formula were verified with the simulation results of MIKE11 NAM model. Calculated discharges were verified with MIKE11 HD model results. Further, to control flooding in a particular lake area, flood controlling methodology and excavation plan for the sand bar between the sea and lake were proposed. Thus, to prepare a storm water drainage system in Kallady area, suitable drainage network is proposed by introducing network connections between existing and newly proposed drains, construction of new drains, expansion of existing sizes of the drains and introducing new diversions.


Year: 2016

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