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Estimation of Total Rainfall Loss Under Saturation Conditions for Discharge Simulation in Mountainous Catchments in Japan

Author(s): Intan Supraba; Tomohito J. Yamada

Linked Author(s): Intan Supraba

Keywords: Inverse method; Total rainfall loss under saturation conditions; Surface runoff estimation

Abstract: Accurate water storage and surface runoff estimations over mountainous catchments are one of the main research targets in catchment hydrology for both water resources management and flood risk reduction purposes. Runoff parameters in the relationship between total rainfall and total rainfall loss were quantified for many historical rainfall events based on inverse method. This enabled us to estimate effective rainfall intensity to simulate surface runoff based on the water-holding capacity distribution in a lumped hydrological model. After application of this method in a lumped surface runoff model, validation of the model results after comparison with observations for several rainfall events shows good results for both peak runoff values and time to peak flows.


Year: 2016

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