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The Analysis of Inundation Due to Interior Runoff in Considerationof the Origin

Author(s): Tatsuya Nonobe; Makoto Takeda; Naoki Matsuo

Linked Author(s): Naoki Matsuo

Keywords: Inundation analysis due to interior runoff; T-SAS; Visualization of transport of rain water

Abstract: Recently, the serious inundation damage due to the local heavy rain has increased. This study treated the inundation due to the heavy rain in Kasugai city, Aichi prefecture, JAPAN that occurredon September 20,2011. To make clear the inundation situation and discuss the measures, the numerical simulation model was developed for the complex water behavior of the overland flood flow, the river flow and the sewer flow. In this study, the detailed modelare indicated. From analysis results, it was shown that the area with high inundation water depth of analysis results are good agreement with the actual inundated area. Moreover, the inundation analysis method in consideration of the origin was developed by using T-SAS. This analysis can show the transport of the rain water separated by space or time. Therefore, it is possible to clarify the origin of the water gathered in the inundation area. Such obtained knowledge of transport of rain water is available for discussion of effective measures.


Year: 2016

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