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Walking Speed of Flood-Disaster Evacuations in Various Surrounding Conditions

Author(s): Rikito Mizuno; Yasuo Nihei

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Keywords: Flood disaster; Evacuation; Walking speed

Abstract: An appropriate evacuation is necessary to reduce the damages caused by a flood disaster. However there is little information on underwater walking in evacuations. In this study, we conducted laboratory experiments on walking speeds in water under various conditions. For this, we studied a total of 49cases of water depth and velocity. In this experiment, we also adopted several surrounding conditions in which the kinds of shoes, turbidity of water, and light conditions were changed. The results indicated inverse correlations between walking speed and hydraulic parameters like water depth and velocity. The walking speed in the surrounding conditions was 30–50%lower than without the surrounding conditions. Critical conditions of underwater walking were quantitatively evaluated under various hydraulic and surrounding conditions.


Year: 2016

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