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Analysis of Flood Inundation by Means of Open Levee in a Steep River

Author(s): Chiharu Asayama; Akihiro Kadota

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Keywords: Inundation analysis; Effects of open levees

Abstract: Shigenobu River is located at north-west side of Shikoku Island in Japan. The Characteristics of Shigenobu River are very steep and short length so that the several disasters of inundations have been suffered by massive flooding. As a countermeasure for the flooding, 9 open levees have been constructed at 300 years ago in order to reduce the flood discharge and flow depth at downstream side of the river. The present study focuses on the effect of open levee existing at the Shigenobu River. The one typical open levee is chosen and examined for the length, shapes as well as transition of inundation areas by means of field measurement data and result of flood inundation analysis to determine the more suitable shape and discussed.


Year: 2016

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