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Scouring Around a Building Under Seawall Protection

Author(s): Any Nurhasanah; Radianta Triatmadja; Siti Nurul Hijah

Linked Author(s): Radianta Triatmadja

Keywords: Scouring; Seawall; Tsunami; Protection

Abstract: The increasing of both the frequency of tsunami and the population in coastal area intensify the risk of such area to tsunami disasters. Tsunamis do not only cause a large number of casualties but also damages to infrastructures along the shore. Seawalls may be built along the coast to protect residential buildings or offices behind them from tsunami attack. The presence of the barrier is expected to reduce the force on the buildings behind them. Howeversuch buildings may not be totally safe as the scouring due to tsunami may endanger their stability. The scouring is resulted from the overtopping of the hydraulic jump after the tsunami hit the wall. A research was conducted based on experimental works at hydraulics laboratory of UniversitasG adjah Mada. The main purpose of the research is to estimate the scour depth around a building protected by seawall as a function of the distance between the wall and the building. A simple relation between the above parameter was set up.


Year: 2016

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