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Salinity Transport Analysis During a Tsunami Attack to Determine Recommended Shutdown Periods of Water Intakes by Using a Hybrid 2Dh-3D Model

Author(s): Hiroshi Nagashima; Nozomu Yoneyama; William James Pringle

Linked Author(s): Nozomu Yoneyama

Keywords: Tsunami; Salt water; Hybrid 2dh-3d model

Abstract: The Nankai Trough Earthquake Tsunami is predicted to occur in the near future in Japan. One of the countermeasures to be taken against the tsunami attack is to predict how long salt water carried by a river-runup tsunami would stay in the river to prevent a water purification plant from taking in salt water. In this study, an application of a hybrid 2DH-3D model to salt water behavior caused by a river-runup tsunami was conducted. The hybrid model is useful for coupling of tsunami propagation from the wave source in 2DH to the flow in the estuary area in 3D, where the density current should be considerable. We made the prediction in two conditions of river flow rate. It was shown that the hybrid model was applicable to the calculation of salt water behavior caused by a river-runup tsunami and the shutdown periods of water intake would be no less than three hours.


Year: 2016

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