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Comparison of Residents' Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Prevention Awareness in Indonesia

Author(s): Makoto Ikeda; Koji Asai

Linked Author(s): Koji Asai

Keywords: Banda aceh; Sukabumi; Questionnaire survey; Physiological process; Covariance structure analysis

Abstract: As is widely known, the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 caused a tremendous amount of damage in many countries around the Indian Ocean. The tsunami disaster prevention awareness of the residents in such countries was likely very high right after that disaster, but it is likely to have waned over the10 years that have passed since that disaster. Therefore, we have attempted to investigate Indonesian residents’earthquake and tsunami disaster prevention awareness in two target areas: Sukabumi and Aceh Province in Indonesia. Questionnaire surveys were conducted to investigate the tsunami disaster prevention awareness of residents in the target areas. The main results of this investigation are as follows: (1) Residents in Sukabumi have not experienced many tragic disasters in recent years, so strengthening “Interest” in tsunamis is a useful way to improve disaster awareness there. (2) In Banda Aceh, the dissemination of hazard maps is a useful way to improve disaster awareness. (3) Disaster knowledge is inadequate in both areas. Disaster risk reduction activities is needed among experts, officials, and residents in preparation for the next disaster.


Year: 2016

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