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Impact on the Distribution of Freshwater Phytoplankton from the Urban Stormwater Runoff Treatment in Constructed Wetland

Author(s): Syafiq Shaharuddin; Aminuddin Ab. Ghani; Nor Azazi Zakaria; Wan Maznah Wan Omar

Linked Author(s): Aminuddin Ab. Ghani, Nor Azazi Zakaria

Keywords: Stormwater; Water quality; Phytoplankton; Constructed wetlands; Free water surface

Abstract: The issues of stormwater runoff had become one of the priority agenda of government and nongovernment body in Malaysia. Impact from stormwater runoff not only on water quality degradation, also habitat-destroying, which can cause harm to many wildlife population such as fish and birds, and also can kill the native vegetation, which is the primary building in the pyramid chain. Thus the aim of the study to understand the impact of biotic component through assessment of primary producer in the food web, phytoplankton from the urban stormwater runoff treatment in the free water surface (FWS) constructed wetland. The results showed that freshwater phytoplankton was significantly negative relationship (p=0.01) with water quality index (WQI) as well as certain parameters measured such as dissolved oxygen and water temperature. The WQI value showed that the macrophytes zone was low as compare to forebay zone and micropool zone. The distribution of phytoplankton was high at macrophytes zone, whereas the wetland plant expected to contribute high favourable nutrientand other environmental variables for the high abundance of phytoplankton density. Through regression, phyla Chlorophyta showed dominance as well as high R2 value, more 0.7. The constructed wetland was able to retain the sufficient amount of distribution of freshwater phytoplankton at the outlet zone, micropool, for the source of food for higher trophic level.


Year: 2016

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