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Distributed Conceptual Modeling for Rainfall Runoff Process

Author(s): Vikas Kumar Vidyarthi; Ashu Jain

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Keywords: Rainfall-runoff; Conceptual model; Hydrology

Abstract: Runoff is an important phenomenon of hydrologic cycle and its estimation is required in development and maintenance of all most all water resources projects. Many conceptual modeling techniques are being used for the estimation of this process from a very long time for operational purposes. In this study, a distributed approach is proposed to model rainfall-runoff (RR) process. For this purpose, the entire catchment is divided into sub catchments and the Australian water balance model (AWBM) parameters were estimated separately for them by using the individual data of the sub-basins. The runoff from sub-basins thus obtained is summed up to get the total runoff of the entire catchment. The conceptual models were developed by the use of rainfall-runoff library (RRL) and genetic algorithm (GA) was used for calibration of these models. The daily rainfall, runoff and various climatic data derived from Kentucky River basin, USA, were employed to illustrate the application of proposed methodology here. A wide range of statistical evaluation technique was used to check the performance of the model developed here in this study. The results show that the distributed technique in the development of RR model could be more realistic in estimating runoff process.


Year: 2016

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