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Gauging River Discharge Using Acoustic Tomography System

Author(s): Mohamad Basel Al Sawaf; Junya Kagami; Masoudb Ahreinimotlagh; Mochamad Meddy Danial; Kiyosi Kawanisi

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Keywords: Streamflow; Acoustic tomography; Rating curves

Abstract: Continuous runoff discharge estimation for long period of time is essential issue in the field of water resources. Hence, the presence of a reliable method to quantify the streamflow is required. This work presents an acoustical method for measuring flowrate at high sampling rate as efficient tool to determine the discharge over long periods using the fluvial acoustic tomography system (FATS). Flowratesaccording to Rating Curves were also estimated as a reference. Continuous measurements of streamflow dischargehad been conducted in a wide, shallow gravel bed river (water depth 0.8 m under low-flow conditions, width 115 m) for 3.5 months. The streamflow parameters such as (stream direction and bottom elevation) needed for determining the streamflow were calculated by nonlinear regression to the discharge data from the well-established rating curve. The addition of internet connection of FATS make it more practical and enable to check the system state instantaneously. The acoustic data, were collected on both riverbanks every 30 seconds and the cross-sectional average velocities were also automatically evaluated. FATS can capture high-frequency variations in the streamflow. In the case of the present average length of10 minutes, the cutoff frequency is approximately 70day -1.


Year: 2016

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