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A Method for Establishing Stage-Discharge Curve by Using Rainfall, Water Level Data and Runoff Model

Author(s): Tamura Takao; Muto Yasunori; Yamashita Akito

Linked Author(s): Yasunori Muto

Keywords: Stage-discharge curve; Runoff model; Low-cost

Abstract: A discharge data in a river channel is an important for a water resource planning in a catchment, and it is calculated by using a stage-discharge curve (H-Q curve). Generally, the H-Q curve is made from the discharge measurement from the low-water level to the high-water level. The gauging catchment needs many observation members, long observation time, and significant cost. In this paper, a making method of H-Q curve using a runoff model was discussed. A quadratic function that represents the H-Q relation in the river channel is built into the runoff model. And, the H-Q curve is obtained by reproducing the water level hydrograph. The method was applied to four discharge gauging stations in the Dokigawa River catchment located in Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku-island, and the H-Q curves were compared with that made based on the discharge measurement. The error margin of those H-Q curves was about 10%or less. The proposal method is an effective method for making the H-Q curve that doesn't need time and cost.


Year: 2016

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