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Analysis of the Runoff-Generation Using Mike11 NAM with Application to the Nira Deoghar Watershed in Upper Bhima Basin

Author(s): Preeti Ramkar; S. M. Yadav; K. C. Khare

Linked Author(s): S.M. Yadav

Keywords: Nirad Eoghar; MIKE 11; NAM

Abstract: The method applied in this study is a lumped semi-empirical conceptual method, being the NAM-module of the MIKE 11 model. The method is applied to the Nira Deoghar Watershed located in Upper Bhima basin. The size of the catchment area is 270 km 2. The soils are varying from Fine Clay, loamy mixed isothermic. The Daily data of Rainfall, Evaporation, and Observed Discharge for a period of 2002 to 2009are used for the calibration and validation of the model. The optimum values of the 9 NAM parameters obtained during the calibration procedure are presented. The reliability of MIKE 11 NAM was evaluated based on the Rainfall Runoff coefficient (R 2) has been used to access performance of model while comparing with observed one.


Year: 2016

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