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Physics Based Distributed Overland Flow Modelling for Yerli Sub-Catchment, Maharashtra, India

Author(s): V. D. Loliyana; P. L. Patel

Linked Author(s): Prem Lal Patel

Keywords: Distributed physics based approach; MIKE SHE; Calibration; Yerli sub-catchment

Abstract: The physics based distributed hydrologic model replicates overland flow, consequently, making it useful identical tool for management of water resources and decision making for hydrological extremes, such as flood. The objective of present investigation is to assess the performance of a physics based distributed hydrologic model, MIKE SHE, to describe the overland flow process in Yerli sub-catchment (area of 15900 km 2), part of upper Tapi basin, Maharashtra, India. The model has been discretized at 500m spatial resolution scale and simulations are compared with observed of stream flow data at Yerli gauging site. Calibration of developed model has been carried out for years 1991-2000 and, further, validated for independent data of years 2001-2010. The model performance has been evaluated using coefficient of correlation (r) and Nash-Sutcliffe’s model efficiency (E). The simulated results demonstrated that calibrated model is able to simulate hydrographs satisfactorily for Yerli (NSE=0.81–0.85, r=0.88–0.91) at monthly time scale. The model also performs reasonably well in simulating the annual hydrographs at daily time scale. The study can be useful to predict runoff at ungauged catchment at the outlet of Purna river basin.


Year: 2016

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