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Simulation of Wave Propagation and Tranquility of Proposed Fishery Harbour in Duqm, Oman

Author(s): Sanjeewa Wickramaratne; Imalka Abeygoonasekara; Nilupul Senaratne

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Keywords: Wave transformation; Fishery harbour; Wave tranquillity; Oman

Abstract: This paper presents a detailed technical study carried out during the modeling phase of proposed fishery harbour in Duqm, Oman. The study aimed at establishing nearshore wave climate through transforming available offshore wave data, followed by an adequacy assessment of wave tranquillity inside the port basin. Wave data offshore Duqm, obtained from a third generation global wave model were utilized. In addition, percentage exceedance, and cyclone based extreme analysis of wind for the same 10 year period is illustrated. This study has revealed a very satisfactory level of wave tranquillity inside the harbour basin for all critical model scenarios that accounts for 95.6%of the annual wave climate. Given the type of operations intended in the harbour, no significant annual downtime is predicted. Further, no alteration of harbour layout is found necessary in terms of achieving better tranquillity. Techniques followed in the wave transformation and wave tranquillity, usage of state of the art coastal engineering software MIKE 21, and derivations based on model simulations all constitute to a significant piece of technical knowledge, all could bear ramifications for design and modeling of similar fishery harbours in Oman and beyond.


Year: 2016

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