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Extension of the SPH-Based Water Hammer Model to Complex Series-Pipeline Systems

Author(s): H. X. Yan; H. F. Duan; F. Li; S. Liu; T. Tao; K. Xin; S. Li

Linked Author(s): HF Duan

Keywords: Water hammer; Complex pipe system; Series pipe junction; SPH

Abstract: A smoothed-particle-hydrodynamics (SPH) based water hammer model was previously developed for single pipeline with rapidly filling and transient flow processes. This paper improves and extends this developed SPH water hammer model for complex multi-pipeline systems with series-pipe junctions. Precisely, a set of SPH-based water hammer formula is derived for modeling transient pipe flows at junctions of series pipelines commonly existed in complex pipe network and the corresponding numerical scheme is also proposed in this study. The proposed model and method is verified by the “exact” numerical solution based on traditional method of characteristics (MOC) for both typical water hammer systems with single pipe and two-series pipelines. From the case studies, it is found that the extended SPH-based water hammer model is applicable and accurate to the complex pipeline systems, which can be an alternative approach for simulating water hammer problems. The influences of different parameters in the proposed SPH-based model are also studied and discussed based on the case applications in the paper. The extension and development of the SPH-based water hammer model may provide useful and additional advantages to the analysis of complex transient phenomena such as flow separation and multi-phase flows in practical pipeline systems.


Year: 2016

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