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Numerical Simulation of Mudflow on Steep Slope Triggered by Heavy Rainfall

Author(s): Puay How Tion; Zakaria Nor Azazi; Hosoda Takashi

Linked Author(s): How Tion Puay, Nor Azazi Zakaria

Keywords: Mudflow; Yield stress; Herschel-bulkley; Numerical simulation

Abstract: A preliminary study on mudflow triggered by heavy rainfall on steep slope is carried out in this study. A one-dimensional depth averaged model is developed to simulate the dam-break flow of mudflow on a dry, inclined channel. The constitutive law based on Herschel-Bulkley model is used to simulate the rheological behavior of mudflow. Harten’s Total Variation Dimishing (TVD) scheme is adopted in the numerical model to improve shock wave capturing and suppress oscillations. The numerical model is validated against experiment result from literature study by comparing the propagation of shock front and flow profile. It is shown that the numerical model could reproduce the characteristic of mud flow satisfactorily. The development of a one-dimensional depth averaged model is vital as it will become the basis for the development of a two-dimensional depth averaged model, which is capable of estimating the extent of mudflow hazard.


Year: 2016

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