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Numerical Modelling of Irregular Wave Impact Forces on Fixed Deck Structures

Author(s): Rameeza Moideena; Manasa Ranjan Beherab; Balaji Ramakrishnanc

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Keywords: Level set method; CFD; Wave in deck; WENO; Irregular wave; Numerical wave tank

Abstract: Wave impact on deck can affect the safety and reliability of offshore and marine structures as decks are not designed for wave loads. Considering the recent sea level rise, increased crest height and reduction in air gap, the deck structures may be subjected to wave loads from the sea. Thus an attempt is made to understand the behavior of wave impact forces on a typical fixed deck structure. In the present study, REEF3D is used to compute the wave impact force on offshore platform deck with irregular waves. A Numerical wave tank is considered to simulate the wave propagation and impact on structure. Navier-Stokes solver is used to model the fluid flow whereas the complex free surface between air and water is captured using level set method. Fifth order Finite Difference Weighted Essentially Non-oscillatory Scheme (WENO) is used for convective discretization of the domain. Vertical wave in deck loading on fixed horizontal deck with unidirectional regular wave is computed and validated with experiment results. The impact force on offshore deck modelwith irregular waves is then compared with regular wave loading scenario. The study shows the comparison of vertical impact force due to both irregular and regular wave load cases.


Year: 2016

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