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Significant Wave Height in Eastern Thailand

Author(s): Wissanu Hattha; Tetsuya Hiraishi

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Keywords: Significant wave height; Laem chabang port; Eastern thailand

Abstract: This paper discusses the significant wave height in Eastern Thailand at Ao Udom Bay for maritime structure design consisting of breakwaters and jetties. The wind wave data was observed in Gulf of Thailandusing oceanographic buoys measurement system. The oceanographic buoys are operated by Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization: GISTDA) from1991 to 2006 which included 11 buoys, 9 buoys in Gulf of Thailand and 2 buoys in Andaman Sea. The buoys are located 20-50m deep sea water. In the paper collected wind wave data sets which recorded atK o Sichang (1991-2001) buoy were employed. The wind wave data were analyzed in statistical analysis, the analysis was indicated wind wave intensity in each direction with 16 sectors and also applied the numerical modelingcalled Delft3D-WAVE (Open Source) standalone processing. Estimation was done in the significant height at Laem Chabang Port breakwaters, PTT Jetty, Thai Oil Jetty, Kerry Siam Seaport and Sriracha Harbour.


Year: 2016

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