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Experimentalstudy on Effect of Wave Set-up Due to Storm Surge on a Structure

Author(s): Rashedul Md Islam; Shammi Haque; Tetsuya Hiraishi; Yasuyuki Baba; Hideaki Mizutani; Wissanu Hattha; Shota Okura

Linked Author(s): Hideaki MIZUTANI, Yasuyuki Baba

Keywords: Storm surge; Wave set-up; Tsunami generator; Current generator; Hydraulic experiment

Abstract: Storm surge height is usually determined as the surplus of height suctioned by atmospheric low pressure and that drifted by strong winds. Those two type models have been investigated in many years to resolve mechanisms of storm surges in inner bays. In the outer bay areas, some numerical models demonstrate the effect of wave set up cannot be neglected in the total deviation of storm surge. Almost all numerical models employ linear superposition of the original storm surge deviation and wave set up level. However wave set-up itself is nonlinear phenomena and the mechanism is not clearly revealed. The paper describes an experiment employed in a newly developed Tsunami and Storm Sure Reproducing Channel (45m*4m*2m). The channel generates the following three type wave and currents: 1) Soliton type tsunami and irregular waves by piston type wave generator 2) Uni-directional and bi-directional current by current generator 3) Tsunami generated by ice-break, volcano eruption etc. using overhead water tank. In the experiment, storm surge was reproduced by the current generator and the stormy wave generated by the piston type wave maker. Spectra analysis and unit wave analysis was carried out and the nonlinear effect included in storm surge deviation in shore line were discussed.


Year: 2016

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