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Behavior of Suspended Solids in the Neritic Region of an Inner Bay

Author(s): Hideo Oshikawa; Ryoma Yoshitake; Akira Tai; Yuichi Hayami

Linked Author(s): Hideo Oshikawa, Akira Tai

Keywords: Turbidity; Wave; Turbulence

Abstract: Recently, the behavior of suspended solids (SS) in coastal areas has been investigated. However, the physical and chemical characteristics of SS are poorly understood because SS consist mainly of fine cohesive particles. To reveal the properties of SS, the effects of sea surface waves, currents, and turbulence on SS were investigated by using in situ data in the neritic region of Isahaya Bay in the Ariake Sea, which is a typical enclosed sea in Japan. Multiple regression analysis was performed to understand the factors affecting SS. Turbidity was used for the analysis instead of SS because it is difficult to measure SS continuously. The analysis revealed that wind waves in the bay were the most important factor in turbidity, and that the turbulence energy, sum of the mean square of velocity fluctuation without surface wave components, and mean velocity or mean sea level variation contributing to tidal current were also slightly related to the turbidity.


Year: 2016

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