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Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Semi Circle Breakwater, Quarter Circle and Skirt Breakwater

Author(s): T. J. Jemi Jeya; V. Sriram; V. Sundar

Linked Author(s): Vallam Sundar

Keywords: Caisson breakwater; Circular breakwater; Perforated breakwater

Abstract: Breakwaters are constructed to form artificial harbors to maintain tranquil condition on their lee side for safe and smooth operations of marine vessels. Caisson breakwaters are prefabricated concrete monolithic gravity cells constructed in dry docks resting on the seabed, piercing the free surface. As the caisson breakwaters pierce the free surface, they break the energy of the waves, thereby protecting the water area behind them to create tranquility conditions on its lee side for berthing purposes. It is mandatory to design the breakwater for wave height during the worst scenario, which, if underestimated can lead to an instant failure of the structure. Introducing perforations or slits in to the impermeable face of the caisson breakwater can reduce wave force on the front face of a vertical breakwater. This paper reviews the work carried out on different types of caisson breakwater and gives you an outline of merits and demerits of each of them. Further, a comparative study has been carried out on the hydrodynamic performance of SCB and the pile supported QCB. The variation of non-dimensional force component (Fmax/ (γaH/2) and reflection coefficient (K r) with the scattering parameter (ka) for both regular and random waves are discussed.


Year: 2016

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