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Influences of Retrogressive Erosion of Reservoir on Its Downstream River Channel -- a Case Study on Sanmenxia Reservoir and the Lower

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Abstract: Based on the field data at the Sanmenxia Reservoir in the past decades, Three courses of retrogressive erosion with distinctive features were analyzed, and the results indicate that the retrogressive erosion itself often results in the serioussiltation in the Lower Yellow River, which threatens the safety of the river’s flood control, shipping, irrigation and water supply, etc. The unreasonable operation of the reservoir and the incoming hyperconcentrated flood would aggravate the siltation and decrease the flood conveying capacity of the main channel of the lower Yellow River. However, a reasonable operation mode of reservoir might mitigate the deposition both in the reservoir and the lower Yellow River, the latter is an important principleforthe design and operation of a large reservoir in large river carrying huge amount of sedimentload.


Year: 2016

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