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Comparative Analysis of the Applicability of Ackers and White Total Sediment Transport Function for River and Flume Data

Author(s): S. I. Waikhom; S. M. Yadav

Linked Author(s): S.M. Yadav

Keywords: Total sediment transport rate; Ackers&white; Mean percentage error; Stream power approach

Abstract: The present paper discuss the outcome of the detailed analysis to check applicability of Ackers and White (1973) stream power approach for both river and flume hydraulic data. Analysis has been done using statistical parameters and graphical interpretation of performance for different data sets. Evaluation reveal that Ackers and White (A-W) approach for total load transport rate under-predicts for almost all the data sets used in the present study. Comparison between the predicted sediment transport rate and observed values indicates acceptable discrepancy ratio in the range of 0.3 to 0.743. Also, the mean percentage error lies in the range of-25.62%to–71.43%for flume data and from-52.89 to-70%for the selected river data. The A-W (1973) approach performed well for few data sets like; Einstein&Chien (1955) data set, Abdel-Aal, F. M. (1969) data set and Foley data; with discrepancy ratios of 0.74 and 0.73 and 0.53 respectively. A-W (1973) approach performed well for Red River Toffaletti (1968) data as compared to Rio Grande near Bernalillo (1968) river data and Middle Loup river. Increase in deviation of prediction is observed as diameter of sediment increases for the selected range of hydraulic data. Overall, it is concluded that Ackers and White sediment transport functions predicts well for smaller size of sediments for river data and not greater than 1.3mm for flume data. The performed tests generally indicated a consistency between the predicted transport rates and the corresponding measured values.


Year: 2016

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