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Improved Sediment Prediction Using Unsteady State Model

Author(s): Balkrishna S. Chavan; Hradaya Prakash

Linked Author(s): Hradaya Prakash, Balkrishna Shankar Chavan

Keywords: Concentration; Empirical formulae; Reservoir; Sedimentation; Structures

Abstract: Sediment in hydraulic flow plays significant role because of complexity of its bed and the flow from multi direction with the variation of its forces. Accretion and erosion at river bed, banks, dams and power intake structures are caused due to sediment transport gradient in the flow. Therefore prediction of sediment transport is much significant for the sustainable functioning of the structure and planning of the canals training works, reservoir intakes and capacity sustenance. Sediment transport pattern in the Himalayan River is complex and sediment sampling in these rivers are often difficult. Sediment load in the river varies spatially as well as temporarily. For the Himalayan Rivers, reliable and consistent sediment rating equationsarerare. The change in the flow rate and sediment concentration is very rapid. This research paper describes prediction of sediment inflow considering steady as well as unsteady flow based on the published data. Empirical equations in mathematical form are proposed based on the data sample of 1312 observations.


Year: 2016

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