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Numerical Simulation of Riverbed Variation in Tonda River Using Simplified Lagrangian Bedload Model

Author(s): Hideaki Mizutani; Yasunori Muto

Linked Author(s): Yasunori Muto

Keywords: Sediment transport; Simplified lagrangian bedload model

Abstract: This paper presents a two-dimensional depth-averaged flow model with a simplified Lagrangian bedload model and its application. The scheme of Lagrangian-type bedload model resembles the actual phenomenon of sediment movement in comparison with the Euler type of model and it is useful when the change of sediment movement direction is extreme on a small scale. The Lagrangian-type model can simulate a change in the direction of moving sediment considering the local flow and bed slope along the moving paths. However, the heavy computation load is a bottleneck for a simulation. In this study, we introduced the simplified Lagrangian bedload model to a two-dimensional depthaveraged flow model and applied the model to an actual river. We conducted topographic survey with RTK-GPS system in Tonda River and used the topographic data to verify the developed new numerical model. It was shown that the result of the simplified Lagrangian model is reasonable that and the simplified model is useful for numerical simulation of riverbed variation with actual scale.


Year: 2016

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