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Erosion in Stilling Basin of MILL-Moghan Diversion Dam

Author(s): Abolfazl Nazari Giglou; Ziba Kazemi

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Keywords: Scouring; Erosion; Diversion dam; Stilling basin; Mill-Moghan

Abstract: Mill-Moghan diversion dam has been constructed on Arazboundary river situated between Iran and Azerbaijan Republic in 1349. Regular water of Araz dam is divided toward two sides of river; Iran and Azerbaijan Republic by this dam. Considering the erosion and scouring a dam stilling basin downstream, it is necessary to study this phenomenon and represent methods to prevent its development and control it. In this article the reasons for this phenomenon (erosion and scouring) has been studied. In this study first flood discharge has been updated by HYFA software then after modeling of flow hydraulic at downstream by HEC-RAS software, hydraulic plan of stilling basin and its downstream conservation, tailwater depth and other hydraulic parameters of plan has been controlled. Afterward downstream general erosion of dam is modeled by GSTARS 3.0 software. Also scouring depth has been estimated by two different methods in this article. Atleast by collecting of done studies the effect of caused parameters in this deterioration has been determined.


Year: 2016

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