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An Experimental Study on Levee Breach by Overflow Using a Small Scale Model

Author(s): Minoru Arita; Yasunori Muto; Takao Tamura

Linked Author(s): Yasunori Muto

Keywords: Levee breach; Overflow; Experiments; Small scale model; Soil characteristics

Abstract: A small scale model test for levee breach was conducted to clarify the possibility and limitation of such a model. In order to examine appropriate selection of the levee material for such a model, we prepared 7 different soils and made 20 levee materials with their combinations. How difference of levee materials affects the levee breach process and collapse time was studied with referring to the results in a large scale model. As a result, relation between soil characteristics of levee material and levee breach process is identified. Levee breaching time and uniformity coefficient of the material show a strong positive correlation in most of the tested cases. Final breach forms are different according to the breaching time, implying the effect of the material characteristics. Levee breach begins from the toe of back slope, followed by the centre of back slope and finally the centre of crown in all cases. Nevertheless this breaching processes slightly differ from one case to another, according to the material characteristics, in breach widening speeds at the specific positions. The results will lead to find the best choice of levee material enduring excess floods for a long time.


Year: 2016

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