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Drag Force and Coefficient of Trees in Line on the Edge of Floodplain of Compound Channel

Author(s): K. Shiono; E. Ferreira; J. Chandler; R. Wackrow; T. Ishigaki

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Keywords: Trees; Drag force measurement; Drag coefficient

Abstract: Experiment work was carried out to investigate the drag force and coefficient of a tree in a series of trees in line at the edge of the floodplain in a compound channel. 9 model treeswere made of fabric usinga 3D printer andwere placedat an equal distance at the edge of floodplain. The drag force of one of thetrees was measured by the force measuring device (FMD) designed in house. Velocity distributions between the trees were obtained with a side looking Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry (ADV). The development of shear layer along the trees was observed and the behaviour of the drag force was also revealed. The drag coefficient was then estimated with the detailed measured velocity and small project areas within the tree. Three different tree distances were examined, as a result, the drag coefficient varies with the tree distance and a drag correction factor newly introduced in the paper also varies with the tree distance.


Year: 2016

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