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Function of Bisokotuwa Related to the Ancient Srilankan Soil-Water Eco System

Author(s): Kapila Peiris; Sanjeewa Wijesinghe

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Abstract: Due to not understanding the functionality of the Bisokotuwa with the perception of‘wholistic’approach in understanding soil-water eco system, a path is opened for several misconceptions including identifying the same as a valve pit. As a result a part of the soil-water eco system has been neglected since the colonial period. During the colonial period roads, including railway lines were constructed cutting/dividing of small wewas (tanks) /amunas (weirs) deliberately or without identifying that the territory consisted small wewas (tanks) /amunas (weirs). Even after the colonial period due recognition has not been given to the overall system, which paved the way to cutting hundreds of small tanks going along with several misconceptions without understanding the soil-water eco system established by our ancestors, resulting in the struggle of distributing water to irrigated lands and maintaining eco system which had been maintained without much effort for thousands of years under the soil-water eco systemof our forefathers. One of the major misconceptionsis definingthe Bisokotuwa as a valve pit, and is discussed in following chapters.


Year: 2016

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