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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2019 Issue 2

ID Title Authors Year
4054 Low relative-submergence effects in a rough-bed open-channel flow
Maxime Rouzes; Frédéric Yann Moulin; Emma Florens; Olivier Eiff
4055 Groyne spacing role on the effective control of wall shear stress in open-channel flow
Theofano I. Koutrouveli; Athanassios A. Dimas; Nikolaos Th. Fourniotis; Alexander C. Demetracopoulos
4056 Hydraulic resistance in open-channel flows over self-affine rough beds
Mark T. Stewart; Stuart M. Cameron; Vladimir I. Nikora; Andrea Zampiron; Ivan Marusic
4057 Bottom slope influence on flow and bedload transfer through contractions
Sebastian Schwindt; Mário J. Franca; Anton J. Schleiss
4058 Wavelet spectral analysis of the free surface of turbulent flows
Giulio Dolcetti; Héctor García Nava
4059 Physical scale modelling of scour around bridge piers
Oscar Link; Sebastian Henríquez; Bernd Ettmer
4060 Roughness effect on turbulent flow structure beneath a simulated ice jam
Baafour Nyantekyi-Kwakye; Hoda Pahlavan; Shawn P. Clark; Mark F. Tachie; Karen Dow
4061 Experimental repetitions and blockage of large stems at ogee crested spillways with piers
Paloma Furlan; Michael Pfister; Jorge Matos; Conceição Amado; Anton J. Schleiss
4062 Influence of geometrical parameters of chamfered or rounded orifices on head losses
Nicolas J. Adam; Giovanni De Cesare; Anton J. Schleiss
4063 Effect of dual intake direction on critical submergence and vortex strength
Mohammadreza Khanarmuei; Hassan Rahimzadeh; Hamed Sarkardeh

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