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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2003 Issue 4

ID Title Authors Year
5512 A model for simulating deepwater oil and gas blowouts - Part I: Theory and model formulation
Li Zheng; Poojitha D. Yapa; Fanghui Chen
5513 A model for simulating deep water oil and gas blowouts - Part II: Comparison of numerical simulations with “Deepspill” field experiments
Fanghui Chen; Poojitha D. Yapa
5514 Three-dimensional hydrodynamic model for free surface flow
BiN. Li; Chris A. Fleming
5515 Three-dimensional calculations of flow and suspended sediment transport in the neighborhood of the dam for the Three Gorges Project (TGP) reservoir in the Yangtze River
Hong-Wei Fang; Wolfgang Rodi
5516 A two-dimensional conservative finite difference model in nonorthogonal coordinate system
Chang-WaN. Kim; Tae-HooN. Yoon; Yong-Sik Cho; Seong-Tak Kim
5517 Threshold of sediment motion on combined transverse and longitudinal sloping beds
Subhasish Dey
5518 Scour development downstream of a spillway
BijaN. Dargahi
5519 Distribution of sediment concentration in the vortex chamber type sediment extractor
M. Athar; U.C. Kothyari; R.J. Garde
5520 Three-dimensional numerical simulation for an open channel flow with a constriction
C. B. Singh; NarayaN. Prasad
5521 Flow pattern in the scour hole around a cylinder
K. Babaeyan-Koopaei

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