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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2003 Issue 1

ID Title Authors Year
5548 An improved method for roughening floodplains on physical river models
Robert H. J. Sellin; Thomas B. Bryant; John H. Loveless
5549 Hydraulic classification of irrigation supply systems Classification hydraulique des systèmes d'alimentation d'irrigation
Rahman H. Khatibi B.Sc M.Sc Ph.D. C.Eng. MCIWEM
5550 Bottom friction and time-dependent shear stress for wave-current interaction
José S. Antunes Do Carmo; André Temperville; Fernando J. Seabra-Santos
5551 Tailwater level effects on flow conditions at an abrupt drop
Michele Mossa PhD MIAHR; Antonio Petrillo; Hubert Chanson PhD Eur.Ing. MIEAust. MIAHR
5552 Vortex chamber diodes as throttle devices in pipe systems. Computation of transient flow
Dr.-Ing. Frieder Haakh
5553 Water drop erosivity: Effects on soil splash
L. Mouzai; M. Bouhadef
5554 Direct visualisation of underwater phenomena in soil-fluid interaction and analysis of the effects of an ambient pressure drop on unsaturated media
H.J. Köhler; M.A. Koenders
5555 Analysis and numerical simulation of a single-well tracer test in homogeneous, layered and slightly tilted formations
Dr. Amro M.M. Elfeki
5556 Methods for vibro-acoustic diagnostics of turbine cavitation
Branko Bajic
5557 Ressaut contrôléar seuil dans un canal profilé en U
Bachir Achour; Mahmoud Debabeche

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